Sunday, August 23, 2015


Yesterday we introduced the cousins to the joys of fishing, which proved to be more exciting that you might think.  We learned how to prepare the bait, reel in a fish, release the hook from its mouth and return it to the lake to be caught another day.  All the children caught fish, and Bethan had caught four before anyone else had got a look in.  It was all the more pleasing for having multi coloured maggots as bait!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jurassic Coast Part Two

Part two of the Jurassic adventure began with the annual Edwards family weekend, held for the first time in Dorset, and attended for the first time by the Canadian branch of the family.  We wined and dined at Coastguard Cottage, The New Inn and Battingham Palace, exploring Worbarrow Bay and Durdle Door.  After bidding our farewells to the extended family, we visited some old haunts, Shell Bay, Kimmeridge Bay, Charmouth, Tyneham and Corfe Castle.  Thank you Edwardses and Whites for a great holiday!

More adventures from Coastguard Cottage

We were delighted to return for the fourth time to our beloved Coastguard Cottage for more epic adventures on the jurassic coast.  In our first week we were joined by Biddy and Butler Burgess, and the Davey clan for adventures at Worbarrow Bay, Shell Bay, Corfe Castle and Brownsea Island, not to mention numerous games of croquet, cricket and frisbee played on the lawn of our beautiful Dorset retreat.  Thank you Burgesses and Daveys for a fantastic holiday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tobogganing and snow tubing

Home alone this weekend, we headed to the ski slopes in search of fun.  It just so happened that Charlie's Dad was also away for the weekend so we joined forces for a fatherless Fathers' Day.  As we loaded up into the land rover to head home, Charlie declared he was going to tell his mum to "get her butt over here".  I think that means they had fun! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


After a tip off from a friend at a barn dance, we drove up to London on Sunday night to witness the filming of the new James Bond film 'Spectre'.  We were not disappointed! As soon as we approached Vauxhall bridge we were confronted with a couple of low flying helicopters just above our heads.  We parked outside MI5 (as you do), and spent the evening watching Blofeld's helicopter speeding along the Thames hotly pursued by the film crew in a slightly less evil looking helicopter.  We even saw Daniel Craig in a speedboat firing a few gun shots at nothing in particular (I'm guessing they will 'photoshop' the baddy in later?!).  Nice flying Blofeld aka Gary Butcher, and thanks for the tip off - this is has been our best date night for some time!  

Bike riding at Bedgebury

This was our first bike riding trip to Bedgebury.  We enjoyed a stunning 9km cycle ride on a gently undulating track through beautiful woodland, even spotting a deer at one point. The day concluded with the obligatory playground stops along the exit route, followed by ice cream before loading up the land rover to head home.  A lovely family day out.